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Program Objectives

Wadoka Karate Program

(a) Reach an untapped market sidelined by a bombardment of “action-hero” images meant to cheerlead martial arts elitism.

(b) Provide students of all ages with a “no frills” Karate 10-step method that is simple, effective and sustainable.

(c) Promote a rare brand grounded on the principle of Daana (“Generosity”). For over 30 years Sensei Colin Ninvalle has activated the principle in its strictest sense. Wadoka Academy circumvents both the time and cost it takes to complete comparable programs by at least 75%! (Current research indicates that it can take up to 5 years and cost up to $10,000 to achieve a black belt rank).

What is the Wadoka Black Belt Method?

Instructor in Martial Arts Lessons for Children - Toronto

Sensei Colin Ninvalle has designed a 15 month black belt program whose sole purpose is to enable individuals ages “9 to 99” achieve an optimum level of mental health and well being, through a method of training that centres exclusively on Karate Katas. Available only ‘online’ the “self train” system is divided into two distinct phases that has to be completed separately.

PHASE 1: White to Purple belt: 6 months

The students will be able to follow the step-by-step instructional video in the course. *At the completion of each belt segment students will submit video recording of their performances to the Sensei in order to get a pass mark (of at least 70%).

PHASE 2: Red to Black belt: 9 months

As before students will send in a video recording of their kata performances in (five) different segments to get a pass mark and complete the process.

*Though some students may successfully complete segments faster than others, they are still required to continue training in the segments for the full (6 month and/or 9 month) period(s).

Total Fees for the Full Wadoka Black Belt Program: $1500 (All Applicable Taxes Included)

WADOKA Online Training System



"Dear Sensei,

Thanks so much for taking the time to help Isaac. It’s good to know he has a teacher who cares."

Rachel Azoulay

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