A History of the Wadoka Karate Program

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Community Wadoka Karate combines martial arts practices with tutoring in academic subjects and is rooted in so-called “inner-city” communities. Known as the MATS (Martial Arts and Tutoring Studies) program, it is especially popular with students, parents and schools in the “Jane-Finch” area of Toronto, Canada. Before the onset of Covid-19 approximately 500 students from 20 area schools attended the program.

KOSHER (WADOKA) KARATE Established in 2012

“Kosher Wadoka” offers the student a Karate training system that has been scrutinized and approved in the Jewish community by Orthodox Rabbis. It is grounded on the practices and principles of the Wadoka method, and illustrates and interprets deep connections with Jewish laws, symbols, practices and beliefs.


Online Wadoka Karate is a martial arts system that provides a blueprint for a healthy, optimistic and successful lifestyle to all those who commit to complete and sustain the system’s user-friendly curriculum. Offered exclusively through an “online” platform, this “self-training” system is designed for users ages “9 to 99” and is made up of a 10-step process leading to the acquisition of a black belt rank.

MILD PROGRAM Established in 2021

The MILD program (Martial arts Integrated Learning and Development program) has been designed to provide a ‘life skills’ development menu to “special needs” students; in particular those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (Pictured -autistic students arriving for the program and having a snack). The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) recently gave approval for the program to be implemented in ALL the schools that these students attend. The MILD program uses an adaptive version of Wadoka Karate principles and practices to correspond to the needs of the students.