Way Through Peace and Knowledge: Introducing Wadoka Academy | Martial Arts Training for Children 6-12 Years Old

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There are many places in the Toronto area where you can find martial arts training for your children. However, only Wadoka Academy can provide your child with a unique approach to martial arts that encourages cooperation, achievement, and dedication.
The Wadoka process was created by distinguished martial arts expert Sensei Colin Ninvalle. Through decades of personal experience in Karate, Sensei Colin found issues with standard training programs and decided to craft his own solution. This is his story.

Sensei Colin Ninvalle | 40 Years Martial Arts Training

Sensei Colin Ninvalle, the founder of the Wadoka method, practiced martial arts for 40 years, half of which was spent participating in competitive Karate tournaments. Among his many achievements are:
• Competing in numerous provincial, national, and international Karate events
• Winning the “Kubota Cup” twice
• Representing Canada in the 1984 World Wado Ryu Tournament in Tokyo

Sensei discovered he excelled greatly in the fields of focus, timing, and strategy. These proved to be the basis of his later work in martial arts training for children in Toronto.
In addition, Sensei Colin is a scholar and an author of several psychology books, including “Stereotypes,” an analysis on the impact of stereotyping on our daily lives, and “The Manuscript,” a well-received reflection on the concept of “Time.”

Developing the Wadoka Training Method

The Wadoka Method represents an exceptional system founded by the Sensei while he was engaged in a very unique and unorthodox approach to teaching martial arts. During his career in karate, he discovered that 70% of students in martial arts drop out within the first few months. To reverse the trend, he began working on a system that was user-friendly, easy to understand, and effective. The method perfectly aligns Japanese and African philosophical traditions. “Wado” in Japanese means “way through peace”, and “Ka”, an intrinsic philosophical aspiration in Zulu tradition means “knowledge of everything”. Sensei referenced these traditions to contextualize his lived experiences and academic studies and in the process was able to develop a METHOD which provided a means to help struggling students deal with aggression and inattentiveness-WADOKA.

The Wadoka 15 Month Black Belt Method

The Wadoka Black Belt Method is a 10-step program designed for children aged 6 to 12. Its 15-month duration is divided into two phases.
• The first phase, lasting 6 months, covers training from White to Purple Belt. Here, the student engages in interactive, step-by-step training videos at home, only meeting with Sensei to be tested and to receive newly earned belts.
• The second phase that lasts the remaining 9 months involves working directly with Sensei Colin at the dojo, making incremental steps from the Red belt to the ultimate Black Belt.

Specifically, the program focuses attention on three key teaching areas.
• Mnemonics – each “move” is assigned a number so that the student remembers it easily and refers to it quickly during self-training.
• Cooperative learning – students learn from and teach each other in the classroom, ensuring harmonious relationships and a cooperative learning environment. Sensei refers to it as an “each one, teach one” system.
• Goal-setting – students are rewarded every step of the way, resulting in a fun, competitive experience.

Wadoka Academy – Toronto | Martial Arts Training for Children 6-12 Years Old

If you’re looking for martial arts or karate training for your children in Toronto and the GTA, Wadoka Academy should be first on your list. As Sensei Colin himself describes it, the Wadoka Method transforms the “Art of Fighting into the Art of Living.”
By helping all students regardless of their background, Sensei hopes to use martial arts to “turn out successful human beings.” His motto is “working together, we are one.”
• Martial arts are an active and rewarding field that inspires cooperation, hard work, and dedication for your children to excel in.
• Sensei Colin Ninvalle has competed in Karate for over three decades and trained for the same amount of time. He began teaching to introduce new fighters into the martial arts.
• Sensei has developed the Wadoka Method, a revolutionary and innovative yet effective approach to martial arts training in Toronto. The strategy involves a self-training phase through the use of video and an active phase in the dojo (martial arts studio) to ensure a complete and beneficial experience for all his students.

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